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Novin Chemistry Co. was established in 2001 as one of the textile lubricants manufacturer in a small workshop in Shahriyazh and was registered under the name of Cooperative New Chemical Desert No. 5589 in 2002. The company quickly expanded its portfolio of products through the diligence of its specialists in the research and development unit, and in the same year, along with the production of auxiliary materials for the textile cooperative (soluble oils, starch oil, soaps, softeners), they produced oil Lathe for use in the metal industry. Regarding the customers' satisfaction with the new products of chemistry, the company adopted the development strategy in 2011 using the Betis brand in the field of production of antifreeze and industrial oils (motors, gear and hydraulic) in various grades and .... In addition to focusing on expanding the product portfolio and developing the market in the country, New Chemistry, having understood the importance of the quality category, has sought to obtain a standardized certificate for its products. In 1395, with the establishment of a quality management system, it obtained the ISO 9001 certificate from IMQ Italy Became.



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